Filter Past Paper

This is the version 2,0 of Past Paper Viewer. It's name has been changed to Filter Past Paper.

If you didn't know about version 1.0, please read this: Version 1.0

What's new:

After some reviews, I found that the first process of the previous version was bothering to people. They didn't really wanted to put all the past papers in a single folder as most of them has organized in different folders. This problem is removed. Now, you can click on "Add Files" button and select different folder.
In new version, I've added two new features:
First is simple but yet interesting. I sometimes used to close the app mistakenly and the filters would be gone. I had to filter them again. But no more because what it does now is save your filters before you close the app. Once you close it and open, the filter will be as it was before closing.
Second. this is the BEST feature of the whole app. (That's what I guess at least). Right now, I'm guessing you use google chrome to view pdf files. And to open marking scheme of the question paper you're looking at right now, or to open next variant paper, you copy the link of this file, open new tab and and paste it. Then you change it as your requirement. But, what if I tell you that you can do this in just a click of a button?
Yup, it's real. I made a small pop-up screen that's always on top of other apps which can really be helpful to switch between papers.
Here's what it looks like :

  • Text Boxes:
    The first text box is for subject(syllabus) code, The second for year(including session), The third for paper type and The fourth for component. 
  • Next:
    What's that "Next" for? Well, it's simple.

Year: You can open paper of next year by clicking on this button. Suppose you are looking at w14 right now. Clicking that button will open w15 (if you have). No need to copy past and change the file name anymore.

Session: Change session of exam (Winter or summer). If the current file you have opened is w14, clicking on this button will open s14.

Component: This button is used to navigate to another component of this subject. If the current component is 32, clicking this button will open 42 (if the exists).

Variant: One of the most used (in my opinion). clicking on this button will open the next variant of the paper you're looking at right now. If the current variant is 32, it will open 33.

  • qp <> ms : This button is super needy because you are likely to check your answer or see the answer if you're stuck at a question. Clicking on this button will open question paper if you've opened marking scheme and vice versa.

And btw, the new version has different look as well.

Well, that's it for now. If you have any ideas on how to make it even better, please let me know. And don't forget to share it with your friends.

Thank you.