"Who is your favorite music artist?"

Raised by a single mom in a small town in Canada, Justin Bieber started playing drums at an age of two which was a symptom of him turning into a musician. Since listening to him for the first time in 2010, I can say that Justin Drew Bieber is my favorite musician. His amazing personality inspired not only me but millions of people all around the world. The way he gets himself into music, his interaction with the fans and him giving back to the society are some of them reasons why he's become one of the successful artist of the decade as well as my favorite one.

I listen to pop, RnB, rap and EDM as everyone has their own type of music they prefer to listen to. Justin Bieber's "Baby" was the first song I heard of him featuring Ludacris. This song was amazing with a nice little story and some raps with nice beats. Many people label him as a "gay" for having high pitched vocals. But the fact is, they're jealous of his successful carrier at such a young age of 16. A lot of people doesn't support you when you got no reason to, there should be inside you to make people call you their idol. His talent is what made him the most followed person in Twitter after Katy Perry and I'm proud to say that I'm one of those almost 65 million followers.

Does your idol comes with pizza for the fans waiting outside the hotel? Well, Justin Bieber does. The way he interacts with Beliebers is super adorable and a reason for him to be my favorite artist. Performing in front of 250,000 people isn't easy but is worth it. 250,000 tickets would make a lot of money, right? Of course it would but not for Justin Bieber who gave free show to the Mexican fans knowing they haven't been to any concert before. He once said "If u didn't get tickets to the believe tour find a way to sneak in lol" and he meant it. When security caught a girl trying to sneak in, he told the security to let her go. Why wouldn't you have an idol who respects his fans?

Diamond Awards is a special award given to those artists who have sold over ten million albums and Justin is one of them to receive it. With 333 nominations including 2 Grammies, he has won 193 of them with 5 years in a row being "Best Male Artist". Being a top social artist is not so hard but being No.1 for 103 weeks with 53 in a row is fantastic. Justin has set 5 Guinness Book of world record including youngest artist ever to have five U.S. No.1 albums at the age of 18. Justin Bieber got the honor of performing for Barack Obama at the white house during Christmas when he was only 16 years old. People may come and go, but the real fans and the awards he won with prestige with never fade away.

"No matter how talented you are, not everyone is going to like you... Stay strong", said Justin Bieber who is one of the most hated artist but yet the strongest one. He was judged by the whole world when he was a small kid but his strength has brought him up this height. He had made some mistakes past years but he apologized it in front of all the people via a TV show entitled "The Bieber Roast" where the comedians would take turn to make fun of him. He said he felt good during that show because he was leaving his bad habits and mistakes with those laughs. Sometimes he ends up being sued while trying to sneak from paparazzi. In spite of all these problems, he is going up and up never looking back.

"With great power comes great responsibility," says Uncle Ben in Spider-Man. After the horrible Typhoon Haiyan disaster, Justin launched an online campaign #GiveBackPhilippines, to raise money for survivors where with the help of beliebers, over $3 million was raised. Justin Bieber has granted over 200 wishes via Make-A-Wish, breaking the foundation's record to become the first ever recording artist to do so. Justin generously donated a significant amount of money to the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada as part of his Believe Charity Drive. In celebration of his birthday, he donated money to Charity Water, a non-profit that brings potable drinking water to people in developing countries. "So each and every one of you, no matter how old or young you are. You can make a difference. You can make a big difference".

To wrap it all up, Justin Bieber is an artist not only to rule the new generation of pop music, he is also the one to win millions of heart with his act of kindness. From giving money to an old woman in street to being the "Champ of the Charity", he has becomes an inspiration for a lot of people. Giving away free tickets for concert buying iPhones for the fans at Apple store are some examples of how much he loves his fans. Making fun of own for the mistakes was great step he took. Playing drums, guitar, piano, singing, rapping, beat boxing proves his talent in music and the reasons to be him my favorite artist.

Note: This essay was written on early 2015, so some informations and facts might not match with today's.