"How useful and rewarding do you find social networking sites?"

Nearly 2.9 billion people are surfing Internet as of 2014 where 9 out of 15 top websites are social networking sites. I, being an Internet user find those social sites very helpful. Though people see it negatively because of cyber crimes, it is way better if you know how to use it properly. Making new friends, getting to talk to people who live far away and many more features makes social networking sites rewarding.

Social sites are made for people to interact with each other and strengthen their social relationship no matter how far they live. No wonder traditional phone calls are boring these days because of Internet. We can chat as well as do phone or video call to another person or even group of people living at different places. A person living in Nepal can talk to another person living in UK with nothing but a social networking site. Every nook and corner of this world is facilitated with Internet and social networking sites used by almost all the Internet users making their social and emotional bond unbreakable.

Meeting new people from all around the world is another feature of social sites. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the most used social sites where people are having fun making new friends. They not only know the person, but also get to learn about new culture and tradition of the people living in different parts of the world. "A person living miles away can put a smile on your face when the person right next to you can't". This statement is truly satisfying most of the social sites users who feel good sharing their feelings and emotions with Internet friends. 

Apart from this, students of these days are spending time on social sites sharing their problem and giving solution to others. They now do not have to worry about their assignments as a lot of nerds are waiting to help them and increase their memory power. It was a few months ago, I and some of my friends wanted to do a group discussion but we had no place to do. So we finally came to a conclusion: Facebook. We made a group chat and shared our problems and solutions and even the lectures if someone was absent at the class. Social networking sites therefore are helpful for the students like us. 

"The Internet has been a boon and a curse for teenagers", said J.K. Rowling, the all-time famous Harry Potter series book writer. In spite of many advantages, Internet and social networking is constantly showing its dark sides mostly among teenagers with bullying the number one problem. Hundreds of fake accounts are made every day; accounts are being hacked and said rude things to people. Social sites are also being a danger or risky these days because of the haters making troll out of nowhere. So it is very important to make sure whom you are interacting with to get the boon part of the Internet. 

However, these social sites are becoming the most efficient and easy method to get news and information about the things happening in the globe right now. People prefer Internet rather than TVs and radios these days because of its fascinating and attracting interface. The official accounts of the celebrities and news channel are marked verified so the chances of fake news are really low. I once noticed how these are beneficial; I saw news in Twitter which was broadcast through TV after 3 days. I then realized how advanced and ahead the Internet is. So the social networking sites are really of great importance. 

To cap it up, I would like to say that the bright sides of Social Networking Sites are good enough to hide the dark sides of them. Who needs telephone when you can talk to people watching them Live and you can have new friends every day, you don't need to be sad and lonely anymore. No need to go watch TV all the time for news when these sites are updating them all the time with a lot of source for study materials. So be smart and take the full advantages of social sites instead of criticizing them talking about the rumors and trolls.