CIE Past Paper Viewer

Hi, has this ever happened to you?

I have so many past papers, it's bothering sometimes to find the exact paper I want from hundreds and thousands of files.

Problems that arise while looking for a past paper:

  • Inside of a folder. Need to go through many folders to get to the folder where you have kept those past papers.
  • A lot of files. Don't want to waste time to scroll all the way down through hundreds of files.
  • Confusing. Because the file name are almost same, sometimes the wrong paper is opened (12 instead of 21)

Well, no more worries, because I made an app for windows that will minimize all those problems. It will help you open past papers as easy as A-B-C. Just filter the paper as you wish to poof, it shows the only file which you wanted. (or many if you want).

Features of Past Paper Viewer:

  • Easy Access: You can put the app in your desktop or pin to task bar or start menu, wherever you like and open it in seconds. You can access your past papers directly from the app easily.
  • Filters:
    The app then will show all of your past papers in a list. Wait, let me finish. Then you can filter those past paper as you want. The available features are:
    • Subject: Since the first list will be of all the papers you have, then you can chose which subject you want. It will make another list of only that subject.
    • Year: I'm guessing you have past papers from 2002 to present. There are a lot of papers in this time, don't forget about two session in same year. Too many files and you just need one. Chose which year (yes, with session) you want past paper from, it will only show the papers of that year. Sound cool? Check out next filter:
    • Paper Type: You downloaded all the files from some website or copied from teacher or any friends. Now you have question paper, marking scheme, grade threshold, examiner report and a lot of other files. Why would you want to be bothered with examiner report when all you want right now is do questions? Yeah I ask that question to myself a lot, well, not anymore because of this app as there's a filer available which lets you chose what paper you want to see (qp, ms, gt, er). Note: These paper types is shown from the files you have. If you don't have gt or er with you, it won't show those. :)
    • Component: Now you're in AS Level. Why would you want to be bothered with A2 papers? For example, the components for AS Level of Chemistry are 1,2 and 3. From this app, you can chose any component you want, it will only show the past papers of the component you want.
  • One-Click Open:Let's say you chose 9709 as a subject, w15 as a year, qp as paper type and 32 as component. Now you will be left with only one file in the list. Just click it once and your file will be opened with default pdf viewer. And yes, instead of chosing those filters, you can write there too.


Here's what it looks like with 2k+ pdfs on my laptop.

After I chose those filters, I am only left with two files with component 61 and 62.

Also, you can leave blank some if you wish not to filter those. For instance, I didn't type anything in Paper Type and it gave me both question paper and marking scheme.